Is Pennsylvania putting its best paw forward in safeguarding our pooches? It’s a question the state’s auditor general says he’s looking to answer in a follow-up to a scathing report he issued in 2013.

“Every dog deserves to be healthy and safe,” said Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasqaule.

Flanked by rescue pups Cody, Dingo and Cheekaboo, DePasquale says his office is making sure the state is boning up and enforcing dog laws.

“Recommendations focused on ways the department can improve safety conditions for dogs in commercial kennels,” he said.

The 18 recommendations made in 2013 also included making sure the department isn’t wasting money.

Liz Jones has been rescuing dogs for more than 35 years. She now runs PA Caring Hearts.

“I think the dog laws are moving in the right direction,” she said.

However, she’d like to see the state combine dog wardens, who enforce rabies, licenses, and stray dogs, and humane officers, who oversee cruelty cases.

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